Erick’s Crystal Black Pearl 2011 Acura TL

We can’t remember exactly how we found Erick’s 2011 Acura TL on Instagram, but we know why it was easy to remember. It’s likely the only 4th generation Acura TL fitted with the double stacked Jewel Eye headlights from the Acura RLX. Combined with a few other mods that give it an aggressive and sinister appearance, we think Erick’s use of the hashtag #thebeast is appropriate.

Here are the specs we received from Erick:

  • 2011 Acura TL SH-AWD six-speed manual
  • D2 air bags
  • 2015 Acura RLX headlights
  • carbon fiber hood
  • carbon fiber door trims
  • carbon fiber side skirts
  • splitters
  • OEM lip kit
  • 5% tint all around

Check out a few of Erick’s photos below and follow his progress via Instagram.

[Source: erickloraelchamakito via Instagram]

4 comments on “Erick’s Crystal Black Pearl 2011 Acura TL

  1. Spencer

    Looks sweet how did you do the headlight conversion? I’d like to have headlights like that on mine

  2. Sean Michaux

    Hi Erick, same question…..Where do I get the headlight conversion done??? Thank you sir.



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