Video: Clarion Builds Acura NSX First Drive

If you haven’t been following the progress of the Clarion Builds Acura NSX project car, here’s your chance to get acquainted with the finished product. Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg introduces the restored 1991 Acura NSX in the 3:34-minute video below:

“Clarion Builds’ official driver and 2X Formula Drift champion, Chris Forsberg took our freshly restored 1991 Acura NSX on its first official test drive! With every major system on the car having been replaced with new or upgraded performance parts, the Gen One Acura NSX is a true throwback to sleek 90’s style. With modern-day performance, our supercar provides a driving experience that truly connects the driver to the road. Watch as Chris drives the Clarion Builds NSX through the winding roads of the Angeles Crest mountains, experiencing just a taste of what our legendary NSX has to offer!” – Clarion USA via YouTube

[Source: Clarion USA via YouTube]

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