Rendered: MMC Acura RLX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

We’re so anxious to see how the new diamond pentagon grille will look on an Acura sedan that we created yet another render. Last time, we tried the new grille on the TLX, this time around we went with the flagship RLX which is due for a MMC facelift for the 2017 or 2018 model year.

Unlike our TLX render which borrowed elements from an older design, our RLX has a totally new front that’s more cohesive with the shape of the grille. If the RLX wants to compete with the likes of the A6, E Class, and 5 Series, it’s got to have bolder styling that makes a statement. We gave it a sportier look with oversized air inlets and hard chiseled features. Integration of the headlights and grille follow the same trends as the 2017 MDX and CDX but with sleeker sedan proportions.

Would this stand out as the new face for an Acura flagship sedan? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Source: Acura Connected]

9 comments on “Rendered: MMC Acura RLX with Diamond Pentagon Grille

  1. Mac_powah

    I love it, however the rest of the car just won’t match with only a refresh. The RLX just doesn’t have the proportions, even though I am a fan of the car.

  2. AcuraConnected Post author

    @Mac_powah You’re right, the rest of the car would have to be tweaked to match the front. I actually chose that angle because it hid most of the body.


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