Official Statement on Leaked Acura Sedan and SUV Images

Regarding the new MDX and TLX/sedan images that have been circulating online:

“As we announced, the True Touchpad Interface that debuted on the RDX will expand across the Acura line-up. These conceptual renderings were embedded deep in the RDX’s user interface software for placement only. While the renderings are conceptual and based on our Precision Concept design language, we are pleased with the anticipation and positive reaction, and are excited to share details of future Acura products at the appropriate time.” – Matt Sloustcher, Head of Acura Public Relations


2 comments on “Official Statement on Leaked Acura Sedan and SUV Images

  1. Tom Wasekanes

    So don’t wait if you strongly want more than the new 2020? Please let me know what the chances are for the new edition of the MDX and when, cause I m really getting tired of my 2008 MDX. As of now the 2020 is too similar just new. I will probably move to another make unless you can give definitive hope. I’m not buying the last year of a model year. Please reply

    • Calvin Drakeford

      I feel the same way. I currently have a 2014 MDX and am awaiting the all new MDX and previously had a 2004. I am not sure how much longer I am willing to wait to at least view the new MDX. The Cadillac XT6, the Audi, Mercedes and a few other SUV in the class are starting to look better to me


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