Acura Type S Concept with Color options

Yes, the Acura Type S Concept looked absolutely magnificent, debuting in a striking “Double Apex Blue Pearl” paint. But how would it look in other colors? Our friend Hondatalover did us all a favour and photoshopped a few options.

An unofficial tally from our Facebook post reveals that blue still remains the favourite, followed by white, dark metallic grey, and dark green. Have a look for yourself:

[Source: Hondatalover]

6 comments on “Acura Type S Concept with Color options

  1. Cinnamon Vogue

    Awesome job. I will take mine with silver with red leather. The yellow and red are nice but will attract the cops too much IMHO. The Gun metal is my second choice with red leather. Also prefer a non turbo charged engine but guess they cannot meet fuel economy standards without a Turbo. But a turbo charged 400hp engine I can accept. But I will still keep my 2007 TL though. The old lady still purrs.

  2. Chris Brown

    I’ve always liked white colour cars but can never tear myself away from purchasing black in the end.
    Great work, Hondatalover! The colors looks great with this amazing design.

  3. Rxcaesar

    I love the other colors, especially dark green, all the colors will be a hit and should be offered as options, not just blue alone


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