Video: Integra Type S Makes 605 WHP on Stock Internals

Did you know there are Acura dealerships in Puerto Rico? There are in fact two dealerships, one in San Juan and another in Ponce. Another fun fact: Puerto Rico is home to an Acura Integra Type S that pumps out +600 WHP on stock internals.

Dream Works Performance and Red Star Motoring recently shared images and a video showing the Integra Type S on a dyno with an output of 605 WHP and 517 TQ:

Here’s the mod list we received from Dream Works Performance:

  • Rampage G25-660 Garret Turbo Kit
  • Innovatig 3.5” Titanium Inlet
  • Prackworks Carbon intake manifold
  • Eventuri Carbon intake
  • PRL intercooler & charge pipes
  • Hondata Fuel system
  • 4 piston TR2 cams
  • AEM Methanol kit
  • Tuned on Hondata by Redstar mototoring
  • Everything else is stock

While we’ve already seen these type of numbers from its cousin the Civic Type R, to my knowledge this is the first time it has been done with the Integra Type S.

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[Source: Dream Works PerformanceΒ ]

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