Tyson’s Acura Legend Retirement and ILX Birth

Tyson's 2013 Acura ILX

Tyson’s 2013 Acura ILX

At 514,200 miles on the odometer it’s not Tyson’s Acura Legend that wants to call it quits. Sometimes you just can’t fight the allure of a brand new car. Especially when it’s got features, styling and technology that’s almost 20 years newer than the vehicle you currently drive. So as Tyson bids farewell to his 1994 Legend for the time being, he welcomes in Acura’s newest model, the ILX.

Here’s a bit from Tyson on his new 2013 Acura ILX:

Thanks to Acura I’m the proud driver of a brand new 2013 Acura ILX, 6-speed manual with 2.4 Liter, 201 hp engine.  It’s finished in Silver Moon exterior, black interior, and outfitted with accessories to align exactly with just how I want it to look.  I love it!  “New car smell” is something I’ve never until now experienced for myself.  The newest car I’ve ever owned – my 1994 Legend – was already 9 years old when I bought it in 2003.  I’ll be sharing my experience with this new ILX from behind the wheel and behind the scenes in the coming 12 months.

Without further ado, I present the newest Tyson-mobile in all its glory.

Congrats to Tyson on his new Acura!

Continue reading the rest of Tyson’s post on his blog Drive to Five.

[Source: Tyson Hugie – Drive to Five]

6 comments on “Tyson’s Acura Legend Retirement and ILX Birth

  1. Dominik

    By the way, congrats on your new ride. It’s a nice experience getting into a brand new car!!

  2. Tyson

    Dominik, I’m a little attached to the old 1994 LS coupe, but if you’ll take good care of it you can borrow her for an evening! And thanks for the congrats. SilverTL6, the ILX still belongs to Acura. I’m blogging about the car for a year, after which it does become mine but with strings attached. We’re still working out the details of this ‘partnership’ of sorts. At any rate, I am very appreciative of Acura’s willingness to recognize a faithful long-time owner and excited about spending some time with the latest offering. I’ve already got 1,300 miles on it 🙂


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